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Includes all 9 tracks in the album in WAV(24bit) and MP3(192kbps).

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Tracks included:


This is the first track of my new project "I believe in science". Every track reflects the structure of the universe from a different geometric perspective and Singularity is a projection of how everything is one and one is everything. We are all connected and the universe itself is interconnected through time and our perception of it.



Two represents a line between two points and it creates the first dimension. It is the first time we can compare things to each other. A line could be in any position and we wouldn't know because there is no three-dimensional point of reference. This track takes you in different directions while you travel through infinite positional probabilities in a three-dimensional auditory space.



Despite pulling you in three different directions, a triangle is very stable and can carry a lot of weight. This track reflects the chaotic nature of apparent stability. It makes you want to dance while immersing you in deep and complex transitions as it takes you through a mysterious auditory journey.



The number four is a very interesting combination of restriction and freedom, resulting in apparent chaos. In two dimensions, four points can create n shapes that have no natural geometric stability. That said, in three dimensions, four points create a triangular pyramid, one of the most stable geometric structures. This track reflects the stability of the triangular pyramid painted with the chaotic nature of the number four.



Five points in three dimensions creates a pyramid, one of the most stable structures. In two dimensions it creates a five sided polygon, a symbol of human perception as we have 5 senses, 5 fingers, 5 toes and the 5 big mysteries of the world: creation, destruction, matter, energy and the structure of the universe.



The triangular pyramid is one of the most stable structures in nature. In two dimensions, six lines create a hexagon, a precursor of a perfect circle. In such a way, this track describes infinity, stability and strength through sound.



Light is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. It behaves as a particle and also as a wave. This track is unique because it integrates electric guitars perfectly into dance-able melodic techno with a soul. It includes the solid structures of a particle in its Melodic Techno rhythmic structures with a constantly evolving progression of electric guitars to represent the wave.



A cube has eight intersections, twelve lines and six faces. This track gives you something you didn't know you wanted, only to take it away and then give it back to you, making you realize that you missed it while it was gone. It is a mysterious journey through the geometry of the number eight.



In the quantum universe a particle is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is a particle but it is also energy and a wave. It is part of the fundamental framework that allows us to describe nature. I used these concepts to create this Melodic Techno track that will get you dancing and make you think about the complexity of the universe.